ESO EUROŠKOLA, s. r. o. 

 Euroschools in the Czech Republic

Secondary schools

Euroschools are approved of The Ministry of Education and are enlisted in the school register. They offer a chance to obtain complete secondary vocational education on the basis of daily and long-distance studies. The curriculum is finished by school leaving exam A levels. The obtained education is the equivalent of the education at state schools. The students can use all social benefits as the state school students. Euroschools manage their resources as non-profitable organisations even though their legal form is on the basis of a limited liability company.

Fields of study

  • Economy and Accounting
  • International Business
  • IT and Economy
  • Information Technologies
  • Tourism
  • European Assistant Manager
  • Hotel Management and TourismEuroschool studies
  • Grammar school – 8-years studies

Euroschool studies

  • Euroschools provide knowledge, skills and abilities required for further studies or they can be implemented in being successful in employment market. They offer extended language studies and broad curriculum of Information technologies.
  • Euroschools use modern educational devices, they use information technologies and PC programs in the learning process, students are encouraged to work independently and to be more responsible for their studies.
  • Euroschools guarantee quality of education, they are positively evaluated by Czech School Inspection and certified by the international certificate ISO 9001:2000 for quality management in the educational branch.
  • Euroschools enable their students to obtain various certificates exceeding compulsory teaching
    • syllabicertificate ECDL „European Computer Driving Licence“
    • language certificates in German ZD and English ESOL, FCE, PET
    • European Assistant Manager ESA certificate in follow up studies
    • certifikate CEFLA (Competence in English as a Foreign Language)
  • Euroschools inform and cooperate with students and their parents, they use the Internet online system giving information about students‘ attendance and study evaluation


After a 4-year (8-year) daily school attendance or 3-year long-distance studies students do their final school leaving exam. Euroschool graduates

  • can continue in university studies in their home country or abroad,
  • take up a one-year course of intensive language studies,
  • apply for a job in their home country or abroad.
    The number of graduates reached 3756 students during 1992 – 2010.

Schools locations

Praha, Česká Lípa, Strakonice